Nexus is a free service, but to stay up with the costs of hosting the bot and the complex functionality that image recognition is, we put a limit to some functions.

If you’re interested in supporting Nexus via a donation, please have a look at the following monthly tiers:

Supporter Level (USD)


Donor ($1/mo)

· 30 Screenshots.
· Store 1 additional profile via !change-profile.
· Gives you 3 trading spots via !global-trading-system.
· Create 75 reaction roles (requires nexus-moderators role).

Supporter ($2/mo)

· 60 Screenshots.
· Store 2 additional profiles via !change-profile.
· Gives you 5 trading spots via !global-trading-system.
· Create 100 reaction roles (requires nexus-moderators role).

Contributor ($5/mo)

· 100 Screenshots.
· Store 3 additional profiles via !change-profile.
· Gives you 7 trading spots via !global-trading-system.
· Create 150 reaction roles (requires nexus-moderators role).

Benefactor ($10/mo)

· 200 Screenshots.
· Store 5 additional profiles via !change-profile.
· Gives you 10 trading spots via !global-trading-system.
· Create 200 reaction roles (requires nexus-moderators role).

Membership to the support server is required to maintain the rewards, as Nexus looks for the role that the donations give you.

Step 1: Join the Nexus Support Discord.
Step 2: Donate via the Donate Bot link making sure you enter your Discord username in the “Reward Username” field.